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Offset printing

High quality color offset printing is provided to the two (paired) two colors ROLANDA T0B 202 giving  the right colour for your  business but also for your marketing materials, packaging, notices,  annual reports and other media that are part of your market communication.
Thanks to its high technology, NEWPRESS plays with colours in order  to give the right character to all your documents.Your printed material becomes unique.


Digital printing

The latest generation of digital technology XEROX VERSANT 80 Press ultra HD resolution "Full Color Printing" and a speed of 80 prints per minute with automatic duplex guarantee for fast and high quality printing. The maximum resolution of 2400x2400 dpi is made possible through SIQA tool (Simply Image Quality Adjustment) technology and NEWPRESS can provide easy "low-circulation" production as soon as possible and fulfill thus the most profitable operation, combined with professional development and quality. Digital printing is the best and quickest realization of the vision of printed fingerprint for small and medium runs. The press sheet-fed, SRA3 extended format (330x488mm) and performs on all flat glossy and matte media from 80g / m2 to 350g / m2 (offset, xerox, kunstdruck, noble ...) paper, as well as the mouflon and transparent Self Adhesive PVC foil. The technology allows for only a few hours of receiving your catalogs, booklets, brochures, flyers, business cards, invitations, proofing and with the help of a new generation of Compact Belt Fuser.


Copy Service

A perfect image of the original. Black and white or color  photocopying up to A3. The fastest and best way to copy your  documents, photos, graduate work, diplomas ... What about a poster  (of the size and format you wish) from one of your summer holiday  pictures ... our Copy Service offers you this and more...