IMS Policy

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How to improve business Newpress Ltd. Smederevo has introduced the application of an integrated management system encompassing quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 system of environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001 management system and occupational health and safety in accordance with OHSAS 18001. The introduction of these standards promotes the improvement of quality in the field of printing fulfilling the needs and expectations of the customer, suppliers and other stakeholders.

All employees of the company are committed to meet customer needs and requirements of suppliers timely, accurately and responsibly fulfilling a legal provision related to its operations, as well as all requirements for environmental protection and health and safety at work.

Newpress Ltd. Smederevo in order to meet the above mentioned demands:

Provided the necessary resources: professional and adequate staff and necessary equipment.
Monitors and supervises the activities that cause an increased risk to the health or injury, loss of time, equipment and resources.
It harmonizes its work with national and international regulations, rules and laws
With its clients build proper relations, taking into account their demands and objections, to meet the expectations and improving their services
Newpress Ltd. Smederevo has established quality objectives, provided their monitoring, measurement, thereby assess critical parameters and processes in order to thus ensure the quality of products / services, environmental protection and safety of employees.

Continuous improvement of Integrated Management System is based on the active participation and support of all employees.

In Smederevo, 01.04.2016.