About Us


Printing House NEWPRESS was established April 15th 2004 in Smederevo as an independent graphic company (SZGR). Since the first workshops, in less than a year, NEWPRESS became an independent and modern graphic printing company with 100% private capital. The company works in the printing industry. Basic services include, design, preparation, printing, bookbinding processing and publishing.

Today, with the investment in the latest technology we are able to provide superior service and all printed publications in one place at the shortest time and best value.

Since September 2007, the company NEWPRESS Ltd. is proud to step into a new era of modern enterprises with the construction of a modern office building designed and equipped with business offices, a new production space and an expansion of 220m2.

The winner of the regional award "BUSINESS PATNER 2013", NEWPRESS is one recognized brand in the printing industry, who apply high professional  and strong ethical standards in his business practices. Confirmation of business success is confirmed by the second consecutive regional award "BUSINESS PARTNER 2014" as well the thred regional award "BUSINES PARTNER 2017".

Our team of experts and their twenty years of experience in the field of publishing is your guarantee to a top quality, amazing accuracy and great service.

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