Magnus 400

Designed brochures, books, catalogues....
We directly expose them on our CTP termal system MAGNUS 400 CREO KODAK. From the same file, you can get the proofs coming out of our digital Xerox VERSANT 80 Press machine send to the appropriate printing device according to  the directions given, in order to assure to have the best calibration and to have an impeccable image, up to the highest standards.

CTP (Computer to Plate) system allows to output an image directly on  a printing plate.

The Magnus 400 platform is the new generation in Creo 4-page CTP devices. With a true 6-up drum size, the Magnus 400 platesetter allows you to image an extensive range of plate sizes, presenting new business opportunities. Exceptional imaging speeds, at up to 21 plates per hour, enable you to process jobs quickly with short lead times. The Magnus 400 platesettter

also offers high-quality screening of up to 250 lpi and Staccato® 25 micron screening for superior imaging. Additionally, variable continuous resolution enables you to match the resolution to the job's requirements. Magnus 400 is characterized by advanced modularity and automation: you can choose from various loading, imaging, and speed options according to your printing needs. The semi-automatic device includes ContinuousLoad for faster production, and has a very small footprint. It is easily upgradeable to full automation with a single or multi-cassette unit for increased productivity and reduced labor costs. 

The advantage of using this technology is its long life-span compared  to the conventional method, and therefore the possibility to have by  far a bigger number of prints.

Expose the following offset plate formats: B3 to B2 on Creo thermal  CTP system.
We use Kodak Electra HD, PRIME and PNE and SONORA procesless plates (0.15mm - 0.30mm)
We do the layout for free (newspaper and books)
If you order more than 20 boards in Smederevo, you get free delivery  on the same day.
For all other orders outside of Smederevo, we use priority mail or  express city delivery.

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“Speed up the production process and improve the quality of your  printing”.